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Focus on what you do best
Don’t wait for tomorrow to bring your legal practice
to the next level
All-in-one Solution for your Legal Practice
Next-generation Case Management Software for the Legal Industry
The Most Innovative Legal Practice Management Software
Case.one provides advanced tools to put you in control of all your clients, matters and processes. The extensive practice area
and workflow library increases efficiency for you and your team.

Powerful time tracking, billing, and trust accounting help manage your firm’s finances. Use machine learning to predict your time entries and Alexa to capture all billable time.
Innovative solutions
Manage all of your matters 
Save all case records
in one place
Increase team productivity
and efficiency
View real-time updates and changes
in one feed
Collaborate with all team members
in one place
Use custom reports to monitor productivity and case analytics
Review real-time data with comprehensive reports and analytics
Use pre-set billing rules for scheduling recurring and auto-invoices
Streamline your processes
with custom task workflows
Join our team and become a leader
in delivering dynamic solutions for your law firm clients.
The first legal chatbot builder
Form.one is a collaborative platform to build, deploy, and monitor
intelligent bots for your business.
Revolutionary legal client intake chatbot
Improving your legal intake and capturing important client data is intuitive with Form.one. Form.one’s machine-learning and AI can predict the next question that the chatbot will ask the client.

Navigate your clients through the questionnaire by building your own scenarios and chatbot workflows.
The first and only intake chatbot customizable for any practice area
Saving resources
Save time and money by employing a chatbot to communicate with your clients.
Automated document creation
Auto-populate documents and forms based on responses collected by the chatbot.
A new level of customer care
Use Form.one to give your clients reliable customer support.
Attracting new customers
Get new clients by accepting intake 24/7 with the help of Form.one.
Information gathering
Request copies of documents and forms from customers via chat and have them securely transferred to you.
Easy setup
No coding needed! Quickly set up custom scenarios with an easy to use interface.
Join our team and become a leader
in delivering dynamic solutions for your law firm clients.
Create documents in seconds
Make document management risk and error-free. Save time, empower employees and boost
revenue with Doc.one’s automated document templates.
Empower your team
With Doc.one, document assembly is easy. Create templates from any standard documents in seconds with no coding required.

Empower your team by providing them a
toolset that will streamline the document assembly process. 
Easy-to-use Document Management and Assembly Software
Save time and resources
Develop universal templates to eliminate
the daily checking and verification of dozens of versions of the same document.
Risk Reduction
Standardize documents by turning them
into customizable templates. Eliminate the human error factor by automatically filling out documents from your client’s data.
Cost Reduction
Reduce the cost of preparing document while increasing your profitability. We guarantee that Doc.one will pay for itself within the first months.
Increase Productivity
By using your resources more efficiently, Doc.one increases the productivity of your legal department without having to expand the size of your team.
Enhance Compliance
Ensure that the accuracy and legal literacy of your documents always ready for any case.
Easy Setup
Create smart templates and produce documents at unprecedented speeds without the help of programmers.
Join our team and become a leader
in delivering dynamic solutions for your law firm clients.
Keep, seek and manage your files
File.one’s blink-speed search, predictive coding, collaboration tools, 
and powerful analytics will make your practice more efficient.
Compatible with 120+ file types
Search through millions of documents to find the most important information in seconds. Use the most user-friendly interface for hybrid searches across all popular cloud and on-server applications and storage solutions.

File.one will analyze and sort files of any size, format, language, or source and use machine learning to allow you to find the information you need in seconds.
AI-empowered knowledge and file management software
Unlimited Storage space
Securely store all your documents in a single system. For convenient collaboration, share important files with just a few clicks.
Powerful search engine
The system will instantly present you
with documents that match the criteria.
Collaborative tools
Make teamwork secure and easy. Сreate
a single space for employees to be able
to work on documents together.
Knowledge management
File.one can identify, save, profile, disseminate, and use prior work and accumulated expertise to solve legal
and business problems.
Enhance Compliance
Thanks to predictive coding technology, File.one will greatly accelerate the analysis
of large amounts of data.
Easy Setup
File.one integrates with Clio, Rocket Matter, Case.one and many other systems that you might be working with, such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, and network file systems
Join our team and become a leader
in delivering dynamic solutions for your law firm clients.
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